Young Engineers

Young Engineers enrichment programs provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience.

Our sets have been designed by our research and development team in order for our students to use them to build exciting machines and robots. Through this process, the students learn that education can be fun.

Students from all over the world have participated in our unique, enriching edutainment programs. In each lesson, we teach theories that are related to science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our students comprehend these theories through building our exclusive models. Every Young Engineers student leave our courses with a sense of achievement, and with the tools to maximise their everyday life.

4-6 years-old (Pre-School)

AlgoBuddy is both a program and a robot for little coders. The AlgoBuddy Program offers a unique framework to familiarize young children with the fundamentals of algorithmic thinking and coding language. Using the intuitive and straightforward physical coding language of Algobrix®, children will practice programming by commanding the AlgoBuddy to perform various exciting tasks based on our daily lives.