Ages: 6-10

Lesson duration: 75 minutes

Number of Lessons: 36


A revolutionary educational program that teaches children the fundamentals of programming and mechanical engineering using Algobrix Systems, consisting of coding boards, coding and function blocks. AlgoPlay introduces participants to the world of coding through a fun, educational experience.

AlgoPlay Curriculum Overview:

Young Engineers embraces the spiral learning technique, where each enrichment program is built upon the previous one.

In the AlgoPlay curriculum, utilizing the coding language of Algobrix®, students first assemble a building block model. They then formulate various code sequences using tangible or screen function and parameter blocks. By activating the “play” block, the robot executes the coding sequence. When students combine function and parameter blocks, they instruct the robot with specific commands, like moving forward or activating a red light.

Each lesson encompasses advanced programming tasks, such as algorithm planning, conditioning, loops, multithreading, debugging, race condition, sensor applications, and more.

AlgoPlay prepares students with the essential skills to grasp the logic behind most modern coding languages.

AlgoPlay Program Objectives:

  • Introduce children to the realm of coding.
  • Build a fundamental understanding of software engineering terminology.
  • Inspire children to understand and test scientific principles in mechanical engineering.
  • Develop algorithmic thinking and logical reasoning skills.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration.
  • Foster interpersonal abilities like problem solving, creativity and independent thinking.

AlgoPlay Models

  • Gadgets and games
  • Amusement park rides
  • Various types of transportation machines
  • Modern robots to execute common tasks